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The AG Leverkusener Artists

The association is called Association Leverkusen Artists Association and is based in Leverkusen, Germany. The purpose of the AG is to promote the visual artists Leverkusen, of artistic creation and the promotion of arts and cultural scene in Leverkusen.

The AG organizes art exhibitions, competitions and tenders, documentation, catalogs and art projects, promotes and organizes cooperation between cultural institutions in the city of Leverkusen, companies, sponsors, the local art scene and allows the dialogue between artists and the public.

The Association is an association of artists Leverkusen freelance artist and sees itself as a professional association for professional working artists. Among the members are artists come from all fields of modern and contemporary art and their works are displayed in museums, galleries, art associations at home and abroad.



The management team is composed of active members of the AG and is elected every two years by the General Assembly again.

Executive Team

1st Chairman: Eloba | Ellen Loh-Bachmann
Second Chairman: Klaus Wolf
Treasurer: Wolfgang Schumacher
Secretary: Sigurd Koppenstedt
Press Secretary: Bernd Wachtmeister
Assessor: Heiderose Birkenstock-Kotalla
Assessor: Jan Matthiesen





Optimism 1978! Pause after 15 years held its first representative exhibition of the Leverkusen scene in the forum, which was also the first time, accompanied by a catalog. That same year, was formed in the studio by Dietmar Noworzyn from a gathering of 30 artists the loose community of interest "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Leverkusen artist" as a professional association, the persistently demanded an artistic and hence economic base for the visual artists on site. The first official record of the founding of the association took place on 12 November 1979.

Not least by supporting the cultural ministers Dr. Schulze Olden could be a variety of implementation of the AG initiated and in connection with the AG conceptually designed projects (open to the entire Leverkusen scene) as "Art in the City", the exhibition series "Regional Art Forum", the acquisition project for regional art "Artothek" the museum Morsbroich, the Leverkusen Sculpture Symposium, as the artist exchanges with the sister cities of Oulu and Schwedt, the Sculpture Symposium at the Garden Show and "365 days Leverkusen", to name but a few . Among others are the "Gallery at work" and the "artist Karl meeting bunker road" with Leverkusen due to the commitment of the artist community artist AG





The applications should be submitted to the Board, the normal documentation, such as photos, work samples, catalogs, CV, list of exhibitions, etc. include. An artist-patron of the AG, provides supervision and guidance to the applicant / inside. Decide on the acceptance the General Assembly. To accommodate a 3/4 majority.

Members of the AG Leverkusen artists will be:
-Main working Artists
-Individuals with the appropriate study art
Members of the Professional Association of Visual Artists and other
 official art organizations
-People in the study of art
-Other artistic people working

As passive non-voting members may not artistically active individuals and legal entities are included.

If you are interested in us either as an artist or as a supporting member, please contact us.




Supporting Member / Sponsorship

The AG is financed from its own funds and is pleased with all the help enrich any benefactors who support the artist community wants, either. With a financial donation, with a silent membership or a regular sponsorship

The Association is active and pursues exclusively charitable purposes within the meaning of the "tax-privileged purposes" of the tax code.

If you are interested in us either as an artist, as a sponsoring member, a donor or sponsor, please contact us.

Friends / Sponsors

At this point, a special thanks to our friends and sponsors



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